Growing coffee is an amazing adventure and a constant journey of improvement

Condado facts


Points in SCA methodology for micro-lot harvested in 2017

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UTZ and Certifica Minas


3000 to 6000 60kg bags every year – 40% specialty

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950m to 1150m

Amazing Nature

9 preserved water sources and 120 hectares of preserved forest

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Natural, Pulped Natural, Manually Selected and Positive Fermentation

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Yellow Catucaí, Catuaí, Mundo Novo, Acauã e Arara

Sustainable Community

Our families live in good conditions and all the workers are hired under the law.

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About us

A story of tradition, courage and innovation in 5 generations of coffee producers.

I am the 5th generation of coffee producers in south of Minas Gerais. My grandpa Procopio Junqueira inherited a small piece of land and he worked his entire life to be able to multiply it. He did it: he bought one farm for each of his 4 sons and daughters.

He is 96 now and still grows coffee, because that is what makes him get up in the morning and look forward to the future. Fazenda Condado is my granddad’s favourite because of the quality of its soil, location, productivity and beauty. It’s the property that my mom Letícia inherited from him when she got married with my dad, Beto, 30 years ago.

This year, after many years working as na entrepreneur in tech, I joined my dad at the farm. My task was to develop a productivity app for the farm, but I fell in love with the coffee world. It was just under my nose, but I had to travel far and then come back to be able to reach it! How do you fall in love with coffee? I did by trying to understand the challenges on growing this amazing fruit! The app project didn’t go anywhere, but after 2 months at the farm, I couldn’t let go. I got hooked, Condado hooked. That´s how our story begins!

Our team


Farm Manager
Laura was a tech entrepreneur up to the day she fell in love with the coffee world and decided to transform Condado in a place of continuous improvement and the best of quality


Beto has managed the farm for more than 35 years and today he is the needed wisdom in counseling Laura, his daughter, in the dos and don´ts on farm management

Mil Balduíno

Farm Coordinator
Mil is one of the smartest guys you will meet. He has an As vision on what should be done by whom and when. He is the farm leader, is a funny and passionate guy, with a honest desire to learn everyday.


Everyday coffee growers
Those people are the backbone of Condado. They work every day in the hilly plantation in our farm, where mechanization is scarce. This community is what pumps our heart!


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